"OK BOOMER- You Can Do This"

My Journey to a better tomorrow 

At the beginning of 2020 I remember reports of  "OK BOOMER",  being one of the most overused terms in 2019. "OK BOOMER" implies the older generation misunderstands millennials and Gen Z culture. I recently thought about the term OK BOOMER and how it applies to my life, and I decided to flip it to say “OK BOOMER, you can do this”. 

About 20 years ago my life was in what I thought was a great place, happily married, a career in gospel radio and able to do things in life every day that I enjoyed. Then one day I woke up and found myself divorced, my career in gospel radio was over, my mother had passed and I was working a job just to pay bills and get out of debt.Carl B. Phillips Bored Picture I lived in this state of fear and depression for years, afraid to move beyond where I was.

Then, I had two major life experiences which made me realize I needed to live. My ex-wife who was a year younger than me passed and my best friend who is a year older than me had an unexpected medical condition occur. 

Because of what happened with my ex-wife passing and because of what happened with my best friend's medical condition, I finally decided to pick up the pieces of my life and start living because I understood tomorrow is not promised. 

Carl B. Phillips CD Cover In 2014 I decided to record my first live gospel cd of songs I had written, and after years of being afraid to apply for another job, I applied and I was promoted to a management position. Since then I've decided to keep learning and growing. With the constant changes in the corporate world and the music industry I discovered, I needed an understanding of how to "Brand" myself so that I can stay relevant.  This revelation lead to my decision to take the Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program. 

For those who are in life now where I was 20 years ago prepare for your future. Even though I’m a boomer, I’m remined of something I read once about reverse mentoring, where a young person teaches an older person new technology. "OK BOOMER – you can do this!!!!"